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Pro-Air Engineering Co., LTD. was established in 1989 and is a professional team in the planning, consulting, installation, consultancy and service of compressed air systems.

Pro-Air’s sales is not about the prices of the products, it’s the value.

In the past 50 years in Taiwan, the industrial industry has undergone changes in the times and the continuous improvement of production equipment. Now, the employers should not only consider the amount of investment of the production equipment, but should rather consider the operating costs of the production equipment.

Some factories are like the adults wearing children's clothes, and some are like children wearing adult’s clothes, and this can easily lead to the waste of the running cost.

The main product of air compressor is its more than 75% of heat energy through energy conversion, the by-product is the compressed air which is less than 25%, and the factories nowadays use mostly the by-products only and neglected the main product "heat."

Pro-Air does the most effective planning for the production equipment, as for the customer factory system, we make the best planning system according to the factory running status, and recover the air compressor energy as much as possible up to 70% , also toward carbon consumption free planning to maximize the "value."

Our main services scope:

  • Compressed air system equipment sales
  • Compressed air system equipment spare parts
  • Compressed air system equipment repair
  • Compressed air system equipment maintenance
  • Compressed air system startup adjustment
  • Compressed air system piping diagnostics
  • Compressed air system energy saving evaluation
  • Compressed air system design and installation
  • Compressed air system energy saving planning / energy management
  • Air compressor system rental

Our main brand equipment sales:

  • Pro-Air water injection oil-free air compressors
  • Pro-Air Zero Purge adsorption dryers
  • Pro-Air adsorption dryers
  • KSI (Germany) compressed air post-processing equipment
Product sales range:
  • Pro-Air oil-free silent reciprocating air compressor
  • Pro-Air permanent magnet inverter screw air compressor
  • Pro-Air permanent magnet inverter two-stage screw air compressor
  • Pro-Air permanent magnet oil-free air compressor
  • Heatless adsorption dryer
  • 500bar high pressure adsorption dryer
  • Blower heating adsorption dryer
  • Zero purge heatng adsorption dryer
  • Air compressor heat HOC adsorption dryer
  • Low dew-point HOC adsorption dryer
  • Screw type air compressor parts
  • Centrifugal air compressor parts
  • Oil-free screw airend & maintenance kits
  • Pipeline compressed air filters
  • Zero purge automatic drain
  • Activated alumina、Molecular sieve、Silica gel
  • Super pipeline
  • Oil-water separator
  • Membrane dryer
  • Dewpoint sensor, flow sensor, and all measuring instruments for compressed air system 2.0
  • Oilguard & Medguard measuring instruments

Pro-Air Engineering Co., LTD. is an expert specializing in compressed air system to help our customers create profits.

We have the qualified and fully equipped factory with our professional compressed air system service team to provide immediate service for our customers.

We have years of wealthy experience to provide our customers the planning of the entire compressed air system regardless of the initial investment in long-term operating costs, and lead to a win-win result.

Pro-Air Engineering Co., LTD.
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Taiwan Service: No.9-8, Sec. 1, Fuguo Rd., Luzhu Dist., Taoyuan City 338, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: +886-3-3251710

Fax: +886-3-3251720

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