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Pro-Air also focus on the entire plant compressed air system energy saving and industry 4.0 presets, not only emphasizes the energy saving of a single machine and equipment, but also for the entire compressed air system. Energy saving planning on entire compressed air systems is generally more efficient and more saving than on a single machine or equipment.

1. Air compressor system overall planning

  • Air compressor frequency control
  • Dryer system energy-saving optimization
  • Compressed air system 2.0 design, can save more than 30% of the energy

2. Heat of compression system planning

  • Compressed air system hot water recycling service to recycle hot water up to 95°C
  • Heat of compression adsorption dryer, "zero" operating power requirement!
  • Waste heat steam recycling

3. Entire production facility energy-saving planning services

4. Entire production facility energy usage measurement services

5. Entire production facility industry 4.0 energy-saving modification services

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